At Morris Merchandise we have 4 designers available to help with your designs. Whether they be strong company logos or photographic style art our awesome designers can create amazing art that will work specifically for printing on garments or other substrates.

There are various ways to brand your item:


Screen printing is the best option for long-term wear, colour matching and larger orders. Each colour in your image is printed separately meaning a different screen for every colour with a maximum of 14 colours available.

This method of printing also allows for special effects in the prints such as puff (raised print), glow in the dark, metallic gold and silver, glitters, foils and diamantes to make your design “Pop”.

There are also options of Waterbased inks and Discharge inks which give a softer feel to the print. Print costs are low but there is a set-up charge to cover the artwork separation and screens involved.


Ideal for small print runs, this method of printing is basically using a giant desk-top printer similar to the one used with your computer.

Instead of printing onto paper, it prints onto your garment. This method is best used on Black or White garments and is ideal for photographic images due to the number of colours involved otherwise.

Print costs for this are slightly higher but there are no set-up costs due to being able to work directly from high resolution jpegs or tiff files.


Embroidery works best on Jackets, Polo shirts and hats. Up to 12 different colours can be used in any image.

Embroidery is a fantastic way of giving your garments a professional look. It’s long lasting and is used in and around most places of work.

Logos can include images and text and in multiple colours. Embroidery is more expensive than print and can work out more expensive depending on its size. Embroidery is suitable for corporate work wear and selected sports clothing.

Plain text often works out cheaper than complicated logos and can sometimes give the same effect.

Embroidery costs are based on a price per 1000 stitches, the larger or more complex the logo the higher the stitch count, the higher the cost.


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