Morris Merchandise

You deserve the very best promotional products at the very best prices and service.
Morris Merchandise will provide this and much more.

Businesses, schools, clubs, sports teams and events all need printed promotional items.This is where Morris Merchandise come in, with a vast array of items from T-shirts and hoodies to mugs and Teddy bears, all of which can be branded with your logo, badge or slogan. We can supply these items undecorated or can arrange for them to be branded by one of our specialist printers and embroiderers. Tell us what you need, let us source it and get it branded for you at exceptional prices.

  • Tee Shirts

    We have hundreds of options of Tee shirts in a vast range of colours to suit every occasion with or without decoration.
  • Aprons

    We have an outstanding array of aprons, tabards and chefswear available in many colours.
  • Teddy Bears

    We have many different styles of Teddy Bears available many of which can be branded with your logo or slogan.
  • NHS Uniforms

    We are proud to provide branded workwear for NHS staff.
  • Tote Bags

    We have a huge variety of bags available in many colours all of which can be branded with your logo, design or slogan.
  • Leavers Hoodies

    Increasingly popular are these Leavers hoodies printed with the names of the students.
  • Embroidered Towels

    We have many high quality towels available in up to 20 colours all of which can be embroidered with your logo, slogan or name.
  • Sportswear

    If your sport happens to be football, rugby, golf, cycling, running or even motorsports, we can supply you with the ideal clothing, from the top brands to help you achieve you potential.
  • Schoolwear

    We can supply school wear from blazers and shirts to sports kits and jumpers. We can also arrange for the school crest be embroidered onto these items.


To find out more call: 01428 480677